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An important aspect of any business is accountability and how you manage it decide the future of the organization. Whether you are a start up or an organization reaching new height, maintaining your books is in the best interest of good accounting practice. Accounting software is not only about maintaining record it should also give you an insight about your business. One of the important element of accounting software apart from balance sheet & income statement is the cash flow which many tends to overlook but we at Payroll BPO look into every fine print of the business in order to give you an output well deserved. 

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Human Capital is an important asset of any organization whether big or small. Managing and nurturing the human resource department with up to date HRMS software will play a pivotal role in strengthening and building a fundamentally strong organization which can meet and share stakeholder vision. 

We at payroll BPO understand the need for an integrated HR system along with payroll software that can manage the organization toward the path of success. Our payroll software provides user friendly interface and functionality that will make your work easy and quick to adapt. 

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Manufacturing software is designed to automate the production process, from receiving the goods on the shop floor to issuance of finished goods. Managing the resource, raw material and the fixed asset involved in the production process help in determining the production cost and also help in reducing the wastage thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the production. Use of production planning and scheduling help in reducing the bottlenecks. With the onset of the internet of things, the production process has further being synergies with the flow of valuable data. 

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Getting the first hand valuation report of your current asset helps in liquidity management.  From receiving of goods to issuance of material, every activity involving picking, packing and shipping is an integral part of warehouse management. Knowing the exact location of material with the right quantity in hand helps in managing the production, sales and project planning. Automating the inventory with sales and purchase management has never been so easy with an Odoo application.

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Placing a requisition for purchase to procurement of the product, Odoo purchase software does everything seamlessly. Tracking the vendor with delivery lead time and scheduling the delivery up to the warehouse or for that matter directly drop shipping the product makes the entire experience of procurement a structured smooth workflow. Linking the purchases with respective analytic accounts further synergies the costing and budgeting with our integrated accounting software.

Fully integrated with inventory, accounting & sales.

Point of Sale

With Odoo POS software and our added customization we have created a perfect solution to meet your restaurant order management requirement & retail business billing system. The POS is fully integrated with Odoo inventory and is compatible to set up with any hardware. 

Online or Offline 

With Odoo POS you don't have to worry if your internet connection goes down the system will work in offline and synchronize the data when the system is back online.