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The HRMS which uses Artificial Intelligence

Paypeople's is a state of art HRMS application designed using self-trigger automation process which is integrated with all the module to provide high efficiency. When it comes to processing of payroll we have ensured that the software work with least manual intervention thereby giving room for reducing cost.
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Our Payroll Software is a State of art designed using self-trigger automation process which is integrated with all the module to provide high efficiency. When it comes to processing of payroll we have ensured that the software work with least manual intervention thereby giving room for reducing cost. 

Paypeople’s HRMS is integrated payroll software which includes automation to reduce manual intervention. The software is integrated with the mobile application to manage the time & attendance. Both those factors are uploaded to the payroll application on a real-time basis. The software provides brief dashboard information that is updated with day to day workload. The Reporting system and the various BI reports it generates give you an edge, resulting in an easier decision-making process. 



  1. Auto upload of Attendance for payroll calculation

  2. Leave management mapped to the payroll module

  3. Leave settlement can be paid along with payroll or separately

  4. Salary advance and loan mapped to payroll

  5. Reimbursement mapped to payroll

  6. Deduction mapped to payroll

  7. Auto-generation of WPS file

  8. EOSB calculation

  9. Full n Final settlement

  10. Auto calculation of leave settlement

  11. Benefit allocation and calculation mapped to payroll

  12. Salary allocation to employees

  13. Variable and fixed Bonus calculation



  1. Reduces manual intervention by interlinking application to attendance system.

  2. Removes the need for salary data input for leave salary calculation

  3. Reports loan and salary advance with running balance.

Leave Management

This module is designed to scale easily from small and medium businesses to large enterprises. It offers an automated process for approval of leaves and maintains the records that can integrate with the payroll engine. 


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  1. Online leave application for employees

  2. Workflow management for leave application

  3. Auto notification of leave application to HOD, HR, and Finance

  4. Auto upload of leave application to document management module

  5. Auto calculation of leave salary settlement based on the setting of salary component

  6. Enhance setting of leave management as per company policy

  7. Leave application of labor using mobile application

  8. Exhaustive reports on leave management such leave balance, last leave date, and annual leave provisional liability of the company

  9. Leave-setting based on calendar & joining system



  1. The employee can view leave balance, eligibility, and leave application approval.

  2. The employee can print the approved leave application form.

  3. Reduces paperwork thereby reducing cost.

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Time and Attendance.

Time theft as a concept may seem to be rather incidental, but if you have never stopped to look at how it is impacting your business, you may be selling yourself short. One recent study shows that the average employee steals approximately 4.5 hours per week from their employer. Overall, that amounts to six full work weeks annually and costs businesses hundreds of billions of dollars a year worldwide. 

People's is a World class time and attendance software designed for real-time, editable and customizable attendance management. Seamlessly integrated with payroll software. Supports multiple Time Attendance & Access Control Devices.



  1. The application records attendance data on the web and mobile application.

  2. The mobile application is GPS-based and has an image capturing feature using near field communication (NFC) card.

  3. The mobile application can capture attendance on the field for individual, as well as, group of employees.

  4. Leaves can be applied by using mobile application.

  5. Automated setting captures over time.

  6. Digital timesheet



  1. Makes it easy to manage workforce attendance, even if the labor moves from project to project.

  2. Detailed project-wise cost allocation report generated based on manhour.

  3. Labour force can apply for leaves via the mobile application thereby reducing paperwork and increasing efficiency of labor management.

  4. Attendance can be pushed into workflow management for approval

  5. Overtime will be captured accurately as per the setting thereby reducing manhour theft.

  6. Avoids duplication of labor and man hour on timesheets.

  7. Digital timesheet reduces approval time and costs in terms of paperwork.

  8. Versioning of digital timesheet avoids malpractice at the user’s end.

Employee Self Service (ESS).

The Employee Self Service allows your employees to stay connected with HR, Managers and payroll details. Apply for leaves, view payslips, regularize attendance, punch online and so much more. Supports Mobile phones, Tablets, and Kiosks.

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  1. Employee Profile

  2. My Leave

  3. Apply for leave

  4. Apply reimbursement

  5. Apply for Loan and salary advance

  6. Apply salary Certificate

  7. View Workflow

  8. View Attendance

  9. View Shift

  10. Leave encashment

  11. View Document

  12. Request salary Certificate

  13. Mailbox

  14. Helpdesk



  1. Employee self-service option reduces interaction with HR and payroll.

  2. Internal communication through the mailbox that has an attachment option

  3. Helpdesk to raise requests for HR, Payroll, and IT

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Workflow Management.

PayPeoples workflow management is a module which manages, perform and monitor the sequence of the task. The various modules of payroll such as time and attendance, leave management, reimbursement request and other requests can be integrated with Workflow management thus increasing efficiency and reducing time and cost giving an operational advantage.



  1. Advanced workflow management for Leaves, Reimbursement, Attendance, Loans Advances, and Salary Certificate Requests

  2. Creates multiple levels of approval.

  3. Option to view document from workflow management.

  4. Access based on user right management.



  1. Help speed up digital timesheet approval for a smoother payroll function.

  2. Provides complete workflow information on the dashboard, including reminders for pending work resulting in enhanced organizational efficiency.

  3. Help speed up digital timesheet approval for a smoother payroll function.

Reports & Analytics.

Provides consistent insights into payroll, employee data, and attrition trends for HR and finance executives.

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Types of Reports


  1. Leave Balance with annual leave provisional liability

  2. Reimbursement

  3. Airfare

  4. Loans and salary advance with running balance

  5. Bonus

  6. Full & Final settlement

  7. End of service benefit

  8. Inactive employees

  9. Daily Project wise cost

  10. Monthly project wise cost

Managing Employees Data is never this easy.

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